Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Aaron will be home for Christmas!

Looks like Aaron is snowed in and won't be able to head back to Hawaii till the 26th! Now we get to spend our first Christmas together!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's begining to look alot like ChRiStMaS!

We made it! We are all done with finals and have started our Christmas vacation. I guess I should tell you what's been going on the past few weeks. We actually just moved in to the married student housing. Our new apartment just seems so BIG! At least compared to our last place. We now have 2 bedrooms, a stove & oven, and a bathroom that includes a sink. I now have 4 burners, not just 1 hot plate. Aaron even found a free 37 inch t.v. on craigslist! I doubted it at first... it really did seem way to good to be true, but it's actually really nice. There is a catch though. Sometimes it starts up right away... and other times it can take up to 10 min. But hey, it was free and you can't beat that. We're just lucky we even got to move. There was alot of flooding a few days before we were suppose to move. All but our house got flooded. Our neighbors swing set was practically under water. It was crazy. It dried up just in time for us to move... although it did rain the whole time we were moving our things. So then we were all set to go to Washington for Christmas. We were on our way and almost to the airport when my dad called. I told him we were leaving at 5:10 p.m. and would be arriving at 10:00 p.m. in Seattle. Can you see the problem with this. When you take into account that the flight is at least 5 1/2 hours long and with the time difference and everything, the math didn't quite work out. That's when I decided to double check what time our flight was suppose to leave. My heart pretty much stopped as I looked at the paper and then at the clock. It was already 3:30 and our flight had left at 2:10. Great... what were we going to do now. I just couldn't believe that I had gotten the time wrong. What an idiot I can be sometimes. So we caught the next flight out at 10:30 p.m. The trip was much much longer than we had anticipated. Aaron assured me that everything was fine as long as we had each other. :) Once we got to Washington, we were surprised to see tons of snow on the ground. It finally started to feel like Christmas. Hawaii just doesn't cut it for the holidays. We have had so much fun enjoying the snow here sledding and making snowmen. It looks like we really are going to have a white Christmas this year!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Aaron started his new job at Turtle Bay Golf just a few weeks ago. Lucky for us, we get all the FREE golf we want. Little did I know that this would entail Aaron wanting to go golfing ALL the time. I have really had no choice but to try it out. The farthest I have made it has been to the driving range. Although I have hit a few balls on the course, I prefer to be Aaron's "Cady". I just can't seem to hit the ball on my first swing. It generally takes me about 3 or 4 times before I can actually hit the ball... and then all I get from Aaron is… "Are you being serious right now?" Then I sarcastically say back… "No Aaron... I want to miss the ball on purpose." Thanks for that comment Aaron. Sorry that this is only my SECOND time golfing. I really wish I could do better, but running is my thing... not golfing. Besides, I get bored after about the 4th hole, but just at about this same time, the refreshment cart comes along and I treat myself with a few chocolate chip cookies, which my husband can't eat since he's a diabetic. Oh well. I need something to tide me over for the next 5 hours while Aaron hits more than one ball at the T (more like 5) so that he can practice different shots. Its more like we're playing with 5 other golfers. Golf is a long long game... and it's even longer when he plays it this way. By the time we get to the 18th hole, i'm ready to stop playing golf and I never want to go back... but somehow I find myself at the exact same place on Aaron's next day off!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our First Car

Say goodbye to WALKING! Aaron and I bought our first car... 1996 Honda Accord. I've lived in Hawaii for over 2 years without a car. I think I deserve this. No more walking to school in the hot hot sun finally getting there totally drenched in sweat , no more caring home an arm full of groceries, no more begging our friends to borrow their cars, and best of all no more MOPED (which still doesn't work $450 later)! We love having a car on the island.

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

So... it was our first Halloween. Last minute, we decided to buy some pumpkins. The pictures and videos tell it all!

A Day at the ZoOo

Slip n' Slide

Align Center

Have you ever seen a slip n' slide at a beach park? Check this out...

Honeymoon to Rosarito Mexico

La Fonda
Surf Spot... K58

Bed & Breakfast we stayed at

Pineapple Icecream

We love the tracker... We drove it around all summer!


My first day back in California was definitely unexpected. We had started hinting of the idea of marriage to each other over the past week, but we were thinking more of getting married either in December or waiting until spring. I honestly still don't know what exactly happened that day, but we went out to dinner at El Torito (one of our favorite restaurants) and decided to go home and tell Aaron's parents that we wanted to get married on August 16th... 3 1/2 weeks away! I'm not gonna lie, we were nervous about what reactions were coming our way. We did it though. We went home and told R-Dawg and Sher-bear (Ralph & Sherri). They were taken back a little... by the way, Aaron's sister Christina had just had her wedding the weekend before. Just when they thought all the wedding stuff was over... we hit them with another one. You can't blame them, I mean we hadn't even been dating for that long and half of our dating relationship had been over the phone. Things seemed a little bit uneasy that night, but by morning, Sher-bear was already helping us with the wedding plans. The next thing we had to do was tell my parents. They actually took it pretty well. My mom kind of already knew about what was going on from us talking, so my dad was prepared with some things to say in case he did get the phone call telling him I was getting married. The funny part is that my dad didn't even end up saying any of the things he was planning on saying. I guess it just seemed right. They had really liked Aaron when he had come up to visit. Now the worst part was over, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Planning a wedding is the most time consuming thing I have ever done. When the time is right, things will all work out. We were able to get the reception location reserved quickly, invitations were designed by Aaron's cousin Chris, and my dress ended up being the very first one I tried on. It was the most hectic but exciting time of my life. My wedding was everything I had ever wanted. We got married in the Newport Beach Temple and had our reception at a poolhouse right on the bay. My immediate family flew down along with my best friend Amy, and then later had another reception in Washington where I am from. All of our closest friends and family were there. We had big laterns as our center pieces that we lit up with candles. My colors were black, champayne, and pearl. Aaron's parents had put together an awesome dinner for everyone... mexican food! My favorite part about our wedding reception is when we were leaving and everyone was on the beach with sparklers as we left the reception on a kayak. There were clear skies and the moon was huge. We got to go around the bay and then drove to our hotel in the tracker. This was one of the most memorable days of my life... and I couldn't have picked a better person to spend it with!