Sunday, August 9, 2009

My 21st Birthday!

This year was my big 21st birthday! Aaron had an awesome night planned for me! Originally Aaron had planned to take me to a restaurant called Jameson's in Haliewa, but last minute we decided to just get a pizza and eat it on the beach (one of our favorite things to do in Hawaii). Aaron told me that when we were done eating we were going over to our friend's Brett and Cassi's house to have cake. I told me that I wanted to go home and change first. The minute I opened our front door, I heard several voices yell "surprise!". I had no idea that Aaron had planned a little surprise party for me. Lots of our close friends were there to wish me and happy birthday and eat my favorite cake from Ted's Bakery... Chololate Haupia Cake! I can honestly say that it was a perfect birthday!

Aaron made me another one of his homemade lei's... love them!

He also decorated the front of our apartment...

PTG... stands for pony tail girl. He has called me this ever since we started dating because I always wear my hair in a pony tail.